The mysterious planet MetarsC is rich in ore and rich in resources. However, no heroes have yet come to conquer this land and obtain these ores. Now we are inviting a group of top players to become the natives of MetarsC in limited time.

Active time
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Users need to register on the official website. Then, buy chests (one each containing heroes, weapons, and armor) in the Marketplace and will have the opportunity or The Aboriginal IDENTITY Card. Users who become Indigenous will have many Indigenous privileges.
The privileges of aborigines

1.Once you become an aborigine, you become VIP3 in the same time. And your agent level will not be lowered by any factors.

2.Aborigines can get a password in the Lucky Wallet activity.

3.The identity card of aborigine is also an NFT which can be traded in the market.

4.Aborigines can get 0.2% extra awards in the award basis of their agent level.

5.Aborigines also enjoy many advantages in later activities.


1.We only choose 500 aborigines.

2.If users trade their aborigine ID card, all the privileges of aborigines will also be transferred to the buyer.